Close your healthcare deals faster

Focus your teams on the healthcare deals that will close fastest

By finding the lowest hanging fruit deals

Find new prospects who have the same buyer profiles as your best customers

And connecting through your network

See which of your customers know decision makers at these prospects well


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1. Understand why your current customers bought from you

Based on your current customers, SalesBetty's technology uses millions of pieces of data to find organizations and decision makers with similar pain points.

We predict how likely these prospects will be interested in your products and services based on recent news, hiring events, financial health, and other factors.


2.  Pinpoint the right decision makers

See decision makers at organizations that are similar to your current customers. Profiles include names, job titles, interests, contact info, and more.

Once we know who is a likely customer, we then map their relationships to your existing network of customers & champions to find the shortest path to start a conversation. 


3. Track & optimize

Integrate with your Salesforce & Gmail, or other CRM & email services. Track and optimize performance from the top of the funnel to closed deals.